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I help compassionate legacy-leavers make their mark in the world.

Did you know that we are less present with our family, friends, and neighbors than ever before? Unfortunately, the distractions that are causing them are happening where it matters most.

Our homes.

Modern conveniences and tech-products (that quickly become outdated) are replacing the charming details of our physical environment that last and tell stories for generations.

Homes today are designed for the things we have instead of the people we are.

Screens are replacing pianos and other hobbies, walk-in-closets are replacing conversation areas, and multi-car garages are replacing gardens and outdoor play areas.

Now, I know that you do not want the years to go by with.

I believe that a good house design can:

  • Bring people together.
  • Be uniquely personal.
  • Support daily rituals.
  • Tell stories.
  • Continue tradition.
  • Add culture into towns.
  • Transform imperfections and “failures.”
  • Age gracefully to last for generations.

I have 15 years experience designing homes that are functional, beautiful, and thoughtful. I am licensed and have worked on many projects across the country large and small. Click here to view my business website.

Services I offer:

  • Full-service interior design
  • Online design for the hands-on homeowner
  • Custom house plans for new construction
  • Furniture and Decor
  • Kitchen and Bath Design

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